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How to Create and Direct Brush by pundiestudio How to Create and Direct Brush by pundiestudio
Basically with understanding how to set the brush
in Photohop will allow us to visualize various kinds of visual impression of our works

Then we have plenty of choices to make visual variation in the works
and here I will try to explain the basics as I could
in animated GIF tutorial format and then
feel free to improvise and explore for its development

1. First steps we need to create a new workspace in Photoshop
2. Create your square workspace. I am using 300 x 300 px for my tuts
3. Create free grayscale form or black and white as basic brushes patern
4. Go to EDIT menu and choice DEFINE BRUSH PRESET
5. We can renaming brush if needed or just ignore and press OK
6. Now we get our new custom brush.
7. To direct the custom brush we can go to WINDOW menu then
choice BRUSHES or pressing F5 for quick shortcut.
8. The brush manager will appears and we can adjust the brush
more detail to create whatever brush we need.
9. From basic new custom brush we can make alot of modification
by sellect the brush presets mode and see the brush preview
in the botom. if we already found our brush just click on the
papper icon in the botom of brush presets manager.
10. Done, enjoy your new brush!!

You can view and adjust the points above to the gif animated file preview
or just download free bigger file size here> [link]

I hope this tutorial can be useful and good luck guys!!
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April 25, 2011
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